Deep to lose his family’s trust in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Aarohi has fooled Deep by getting herself attacked by her hired goons. Deep fought with the goons and saved her. He believes Aarohi is Tara. Aarohi goes from the home at night. Deep finds her missing and calls her. He asks her how can she go for a walk at this time. He demands her to return home soon. He worries that she can get kidnapped again. Aarohi gets Nikku home. Deep gets a shock seeing Tara getting the kid. He asks her why did she get Nikku with her. Aarohi calls the family downstairs and reveals Nikku is alive. They all get questioning Deep.

Deep fails to explain Roma about Nikku, why is he still alive and how. Deep tries to convince Roma, who turns upset with him. Aarohi tries to make family against Deep by getting her nephew home. Virat gets angry on Deep. Roma asks them do they want to use Nikku against Aarohi. She says take care of the kid and when he gets fine, I will know the real story from him.

Virat asks Deep what game is he playing, why did he lie that he has pushed Aarohi and Nikku down the cliff, how is Nikku alive then. He asks Deep to clarify his move, is he cheating them, did he keep Aarohi alive too. Deep says I have sent Aarohi to jail to save Tara, why would I save here, there is a big reason behind my move. He is very loyal towards his family. Roma asks him to share the reason. Deep tells Roma why he has hidden Nikku from everyone. He tries to win Roma’s trust. Nobody believes Deep. Aarohi takes Nikku with him and tries to protect him.


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