Destiny brings AvNeil together again in Naamkarann


Avni gets into an argument with Kamini Kapoor. She doesn’t care for Kamini’s richness and self-importance factor. She shows her attitude and leaves in a hurry to find Saisha. Kamini gets angry when Avni teaches her a lesson. She goes to meet KK at his movie shoot sets. She learns KK is missing. She gets angry on his security guards. Saisha sees Avni on the way when the goons kidnap KK and her. She tries to shout to Avni, but fails. Avni tracks Saisha’s phone and reaches the jungle. She finds her phone there and worries further. Neil reaches the same place while searching for KK. Avni assumes him to be Saisha’s kidnapper. She attacks Neil.

They both don’t get to see each other because of the darkness. Neil doesn’t understand the opponent’s reason to hit. He understands she is a woman and doesn’t raise hand on her. He just gets defending her attacks.

After a long fight, Neil catches hold of her to know who is she and why is she hitting him. Neil gets a shock of his life when he sees Avni. He can’t believe Avni is really alive. He tries to know if she is his imagination again. He holds her to know her existence. He questions her about her identity, as he has seen Avni dying in the fire. He gets angry on her for cheating him. He asks her why did she play dead if she was alive, how could she cheat him in such a way that shattered his soul too. DD reaches Neil and informs him about KK. Avni hides from them. She learns Neil is finding KK, who is also missing. Avni realizes Saisha is with KK. Kamini meets Neil and asks him to find KK. She doesn’t want to believe that there is a girl along with KK. Neil tells her that KK is kidnapped.

He asks DD to deal with the kidnappers and inform Mitali. Kamini asks Neil to personally handle the case. Neil tries to explain that he is not on duty now. Kamini tells Neil that she knows him well and also his past. Neil agrees to find KK. She pays him money to cover KK’s search expenses. Kamini tells Neil that she knows everything about him as he is related to her son. Avni tells Neil about Saisha. She reveals about the goons who wanted to grab their land. She asks him to check the DVD sent by the goons. Neil agrees to help her. He stays annoyed with her.

KK and Saisha get captive. KK tells her that he is not a real life hero and is just waiting for any real hero to come to save them. Saisha worries for Nilanjana’s reaction on her kidnapping. KK asks her to stay hopeful as her dad Mr. Khanna is in police and he will save them. Saisha regrets for her lies, unaware that Neil is really finding her. Neil wants to save KK and Saisha. Neil and Avni cross their journey while shedding tears of grief. Neil doesn’t like to talk to Avni. He gets upset with Avni for hiding her identity and declaring herself dead for the world.


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