Imli to win elections; Chakor to win people in Udaan

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Chakor saves Tejaswini from Imli. She worries that once Imli gets elected, she will turn more evil. Suraj and Chakor gear up to face Imli and her evil crimes. Chakor gets the support of the villagers. Ranvijay and Imli celebrate their win. Imli wins the elections and vows to change the village. She comes up with an idea to keep mass marriage. Ranvijay, Suraj and Imli come to the village to meet everyone. Imli wants to sell the girls after the marriage drama. Imli declares that as she has promised to help them, she wants to get twenty poor girls married, by bearing the marriage expenses. Chakor knows Imli sells girls on the pretext of marriage. She opposes Imli.

Chakor says we won’t even give you one girl for your dirty politics. Ranvijay asks don’t you wish good for the villagers, don’t you want their poverty to end, we are great people to finance twenty marriages. Imli asks Chakor to think of her marriage, which happened in a rich haveli. She asks Chakor to let the girls marry in rich families. Chakor confronts Imli for sending the girls away from the village forever. She reveals to the villagers that Imli hides her crimes by this marriage drama. Kasturi agrees with Chakor. Kasturi tells Imli that she has also seen what happens with the village bride.

Chagan protests against Imli. Ranvijay gets angry. Chagan asks Imli not to worry for any village girls, the village has enough guys for marriage, they don’t need anyone belonging to rich families.

Chakor taunts Imli that if you have won the elections, I have won the people. Chakor stops the villagers from agreeing to Imli’s tempting offer. She tells them that if they get their daughters married by Imli’s wish, they will never see their daughters again. Gauri, Chagan and Pakhi support Chakor. They try to expose Imli’s real motives. Imli and Ranvijay face the villagers’ wrath. Imli compels them to accept her proposal. Chakor doesn’t want Imli to ruin any girl’s life again. Chakor gets happy when the villagers support her and take a stand against Imli.


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