Parmeet employs a big secret to threaten Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita falls in grave danger when the hired goon captures her to kill. Ishita locks the goon by tricking him. The goon gets troubled by her. He gets more mad to kill her. Ishita manages to get her phone and calls up Raman to seek his help. Raman attends the puja and prays for Ishita. Ishita prepares to fight with the goon, who gets free from the room. She gets caught, despite trying her best. The goon tries to kill her. Before he could stab her, she bravely leads the fight and struggles to escape. Raman reaches Ishita in time and saves her from getting stabbed.

Police arrives there. Raman gets the goon arrested. Raman manages to save Ishita. He learns that Pihu was also at home. He thanks Ishita for smartly handling the goon and saving Pihu. Simmi informs Parmeet that Raman has left for home. He asks her not to worry and tries to track the goon. Simmi prays to get justice for her daughter. She wishes Ishita dies. Raman and Ishita get Pihu out of the cupboard. Pihu tells Raman how Ishita’s life was in danger.

Ishita tells the inspector that the goon was sent to kill her. Parmeet keeps an eye on them to know if Simmi’s name will come out. He doesn’t want Simmi to get blamed. He comes up with a idea and beats the goon. He then frames the goon in a theft case. Ishita tells them that she has really heard the goon’s conversation. Parmeet threatens Ishita against naming Simmi in the matter. He threatens to kill Raman and her. She doesn’t get scared. She tells him that she will soon expose Simmi and him. She asks him to enjoy his freedom till he isn’t caught up. He tells Ishita that he knows Pihu’s big secret, that Pihu has pushed Ananya down and killed her. He says even Simmi doesn’t know this fact and if this gets leaked, then Pihu can fall in big danger.

He tells Ishita that he knows she has taken Pihu’s blame on her, and he has a proof as well. He reveals to her that he didn’t reveal this secret to anyone so that he can use this against her on right time. He asks Ishita to make a wise choice and think of Pihu’s future. She asks him not to hurt Pihu. He asks her to forget that Simmi is involved in any crime. He tries to strike the deal to cover Pihu’s secret. Ishita changes her statement on Parmeet’s insistence. Parmeet gets happy that Ishita is under his control. The family returns home and learns about the attack on Ishita. Parmeet tells Simmi that he has threatened Ishita by some secret. He asks her not to give medicines to Raman for few days, so that Ishita doesn’t oppose them in any way. Simmi doesn’t mend her ways and gets Ishita kidnapped.


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