Rantej-Malhari to murder Yuvraaj in Laado 2


The villagers assume Anushka is a Daayan and throw her out of the village. Rantej stops Anushka and points a gun at her. Rantej shoots at her to kill her. Yuvraaj comes in front of Anushka and gets shot. He asks Anushka to run. Malhari and her sons takes things in their control by killing Yuvraaj. Malhari got against Yuvraaj as he wanted to send her sons to jail. She was angered as Balwant named all the property to Yuvraaj. She kills him to knock him off their way. She feels she has done the right thing. Rantej finds Yuvraaj alive and doesn’t want to leave any chance.

Rantej stabs Yuvraaj and wants him to die soon. He throws Yuvraaj in the jungle. Anushka faces the villagers’ wrath. She runs to save her life. She gets much injured. She finds Yuvraaj in a fatal situation. He falls in such a problem because of Anushka. He regrets that he couldn’t secure Anushka’s future. He expresses his feelings to her and apologizes.

Anushka cries for Yuvraaj. He speaks to her during his last moments. He sends Anushka away to save her life. Anushka doesn’t want to leave Yuvraaj behind. Malhari hits Anushka with stones and makes her fall down the bridge. Malhari rules on Veerpur again. She has won by making Yuvraaj and Anushka out of her way. Anushka will get saved and have a new life in her new family.


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