Soumya to challenge the Obros in Ishqbaaz


Shivay comes up with an idea to prepone the marriage to fail Soumya and Veer’s planning. Anika dons the Kumari Rosie Rani avatar again and tricks Veer by a fake story. She justifies why she has supported Shivay in front of the media. She tells him that she was helpless to get saved from Shivay, who insisted her to give that speech. Veer suspects her for revealing his plan. She asks him if he has told his plan to her before. She informs Veer about Shivay’s plan to prepone the marriage. Shivay thinks Veer will panic and make some mistake, which they have to use against him. Veer knows Shivay would be waiting for his mistakes, but he is more clear to hit Oberois with something concrete. Anika tries to know Veer’s plan.

She offers him help. Veer decides to tell his plans to Anika. Shivay waits for Anika to learn Veer’s planning so that they can fail him. Veer feels Anika can’t be the real one as he has seen Anika dying. Veer reveals his plan to Anika. She gets alarmed.

Shivay tells the family that Rudra’s marriage will happen tomorrow. He checks the arrangements to have everything best for Rudra and Bhavya. Pinky asks Gauri and Anika to get Rudra’s Sehra and Kalgi prepared. Anika goes to Shivay and shares Veer’s planning with him. Obros try to confront Soumya. Omkara tells Rudra that Soumya was never his true friend, as she has back-stabbed him. They keep a watch on Soumya. Soumya gets into her sweet girl’s character in front of Shivay.

He tries to know why is she preparing for her marriage. She gets lying to him. Shivay confronts Soumya for betraying Rudra and them. He reprimands her for all her lies and deceive. He feels ashamed to regard her like a sister. Omkara and Rudra too question Soumya over planning a fake marriage before to push Rudra into guilt. Rudra gets angry on her for staining the name of friendship. Omkara feels bad that Soumya cheated them so badly.

Shivay tells Soumya that he knows she has got Aryan home to defame Rudra, but her game is over now. He asks her to pack her bags and leave. Veer understands Soumya is in trouble. Soumya doesn’t give up. She asks Obros to not act like saints. She tells them that she is here just to take revenge from them. She accepts that Kapoor sisters will surely ruin the Oberois. She laughs on their foolishness to believe them. She blurts out her truth and real intentions. She wants to play open with them.

She challenges Obros to defeat her if they can. Shivay stops Rudra from hurting Soumya. He tells Soumya that O’bahus will not spare her, unlike them. Soumya wants to know what they can do. Bhavya warns Soumya against hurting Rudra. She shows her girl power to Soumya by knocking her down in a single kick. Obros thank Bhavya for making Soumya learn a lession. Obros hide Soumya from Veer. Veer doubts that Shivay has hidden Soumya somewhere. He asks Anika to find Soumya and execute his plan, else he will get Shivay killed by his hired assassin.


  1. Just for what they have done with Saumya’s character, I leave this show. It is truly disgraceful to destroy a character and a couple so beautiful in this retchrous fashion. It is tiring to watch shows after shows just turning normal people into extreme bad people for the sake of a story line.


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