Ashok panics on Ishita’s kidnapping in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Ishita share some light moments. He worries for the attack on her. She tells him that she knows very well that he can’t be with her all the time. He decides to be with her like her shadow. She asks him not to weaken him by such support. He tells her that he wants to become his strength. He remembers the moment when Pihu has handcuffed them before. Ishita tells him that he is regaining his memory and this is a good sign. She thinks once he feels this improvement, he will get confidence in him. He tells her that he will never leave her hand and be with her. They have a moment of togetherness. The family praises Ishita for her smartness and alert behavior.

Ishita tells everyone that she can sense everyone by some of their unique traits. Ishita doesn’t want her blindness to let her down. Simmi gets angry when the family praises Ishita. She enrages to kidnap Ishita and throw her out of the house. She wants to get Ishita killed.

Shagun and Raman have a tie-up to shape the career of youngsters and new talents. Shagun applauds Raman’s help that can make many lives better. She gives them the good news that Raman will be felicitated. Raman asks Ishita to come with him for the felicitation program. Ashok comes home to meet Ishita. Ishita asks Raman to go for the function, she will come with Ashok after some time. Ashok assures Raman that he will be with Ishita. Ashok tells Ishita that he needs to talk something important. She asks him what’s the new surprise he got. He gives her his property papers and asks her to manage the property. He wants his property to be evenly donated to NGOs.

He just trusts her and gives her the big responsibility. She asks him not to talk about death. He tells her that his life changed much and he has realized his true friend, that’s her. He tells her that he has now turned into a burden on everyone and he feels death is the only option for him. He stays strong and tells her that he doesn’t regret for anything. He asks her to donate his money and property the way she likes. Ishita takes up the responsibility. She wants him to be fine. Ashok takes Ishita along to drop her to the felicitation program. The goon cheats Ashok and races away with his car. He tells Ishita that he will kill her and fulfill his work.

Ashok worries for Ishita’s kidnapping. He informs Raman that Ishita has got kidnapped. Raman calls up police to seek help. Ishita asks the goon to stop the car and let her go. The goon wants to exact revenge from her. Ishita gets captive. Ashok also tries to find Ishita. Raman, Romi and Adi join Ashok and they search for Ishita. The goon informs Simmi that he has kidnapped Ishita and is going to kill her. Simmi wants Ishita killed. The goon fixes the bomb to Ishita. Simmi gets relieved that her big problem is going to end. She goes to give the good news to Parmeet.

The goon asks Ishita to stop her blind game and get ready to die. Ishita worries for her life. Parmeet scolds Simmi for not planning anything well and calling problems for them. He tells her that he didn’t hire the goon to get Ishita killed. He asks her will she go jail. He asks her not to answer anyone’s call, which can get her arrested. He doesn’t want Simmi to do anything wrong with Ishita. He tells Simmi that if the goon gets arrested again, they will be named in the conspiracy. Ishita tries to strike a deal with the goon. The goon tells her that she has troubled him a lot, and he won’t leave her. Fortunately, Raman, Romi, Ashok and Adi track her down and reach the godown, where the goon has kept her captive. They get into a fight with the goon and worry about the bomb. Ashok dies while saving Ishita from the goon.


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