Obros plot up to conceal Soumya in Ishqbaaz


Veer goes to meet Soumya to know if she is in any trouble. Obros hide her in time and doesn’t let Veer sight them. Veer gets Soumya’s phone, but fails to see her in the room. He then asks Roop about Soumya. Roop tells him that Soumya won’t go anywhere without telling them. He thinks if Soumya is kidnapped. He doubts on Obros for disappearing Soumya. Anika and Gauri make Rudra’s Sehra and do their duty. Gauri tells her that everything will be fine. Veer threatens Anika and asks her why is she cheating him by revealing the plan to Shivay. He tells her that Soumya is missing and this is because she has leaked his plans to Obros.

She tries her best to convince him that she didn’t reveal anything. He asks her to prove her loyalty by finding Soumya. He promises her that he would kill Shivay if she doesn’t prove her word. Anika gets worried on seeing Veer’s assassin home. The shooter gets his aim at Shivay with ease. Veer asks Anika to get Soumya back if she wants to save Shivay. He finds her worrying for Shivay and asks her the reason.

Anika tells him that she doesn’t want his plans to fail. She agrees to find Soumya and get her to the mandap for marrying Rudra. Veer succeeds to pressurize her for executing his plans. Anika gets worried finding Shivay at the target point. She tries to alert him about the danger. She asks Shivay about Soumya. Shivay doesn’t tell about it. She demands him to reveal the place. He tells her that he has hidden Soumya at a safe place. Pinky plans a secrecy ceremony for Rudra and Bhavya. Pinky and Jhanvi ask Obros not to meet their better halves till the marriage completes. Anika finds hard to communicate with Shivay. She worries for Veer’s madness.Roop looks for Soumya to swap her with Bhavya in the mandap. Pinky and Jhanvi carry out the pre-wedding functions at night. Bhavya gets happy and celebrates her Mehendi ceremony. Anika gets restless to meet Shivay. Pinky doesn’t allow her to go.

Anika finds some way to reach Shivay. Shivay and Omkara apply mehendi to Rudra and have a cute conversation. Rudra asks them not to act alienated, he is just getting married. Shivay and Omkara pull his leg. They don’t let Rudra go in the girls’ Sangeet ceremony. Rudra runs to watch the Sangeet and join the girls. Shivay and Omkara also decide to join the Sangeet. O’bahus get their husband’s name written in their hands. Obros perform on a sweet song and surprise them. Anika attempts again to get the key from Shivay. She dances with Shivay and gets the key from him to find Soumya. Veer keeps a watch on Anika. She feels sorry to hide from Shivay and free Soumya, which can fail their big plans as well. She gives the key to Veer. He asks her not to hand over the key and get Soumya to him.


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