Rahul to execute Namrata’s planning in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


The lorry driver takes a disguise and meets Namrata as Seth ji’s man Rudra. Namrata continues to control Rahul’s mind by using the locket. The lorry driver gives the right code to Namrata and wins her trust. He accompanies her to search for shivling. Namrata sends Rahul to kidnap his dear ones. Rahul kidnaps Preeti, Pujari ji and Narendra on her saying. Namrata fools him that he is her love. Rahul believes her and tells her that he loves her a lot. Thakur and Gauri make a plan and meet Yashpal to reveal Namrata’s plan.

Gauri tells them that they have to reveal the truth to Yashpal so that he can help them. Thakur gets a threatening call from Namrata. She asks him not to reveal anything to police. Yashpal asks Thakur to share the truth if he wants police to trust him. Namrata threatens him about killing the villagers. She tells him that Rahul has kidnapped the villagers on her word. Thakur gets helpless to run away from Yashpal. Thakur falls in Yashpal’s suspicion again.

Rahul gets out of Namrata’s spell when her locket breaks. Namrata tries to use Rahul as a weapon. She controls Rahul’s mind once again by finding the locket. Aghori learns her bad motives and gets confused. Namrata succeeds to fool him again. Rahul worries for Preeti and others. He wonders why was he doing the crime. He then falls in Namrata’s words and fulfills her command. Latika suggests to Thakur that they should change their phones so that Namrata doesn’t track them. Gauri gets a dream and learns the shivling’s location again. Gauri decides to reach the shivlings on time this time. The lorry driver learns Namrata’s plan to kidnap the villagers. Namrata learns about Gauri’s dreams and asks Rahul to get the shivlings to her.


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