SuKor to plot Imli’s biggest defeat in Udaan


Imli and Ranvijay take Suraj’s loyalty test and compel him to get the village girls for the mass marriage. Suraj doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s life. Chakor is planning to expose Imli by her own plan. She asks Suraj to go ahead and take the girls to the haveli. She assures him that she has something in her mind and she will not let any of the girls get sold. She tells him that Imli shouldn’t know his truth at any cost, only then they can learn Imli’s evil planning. Suraj stays unconvinced. He recalls how Kumud died because of his planning getting failed. He asks Chakor to think well. Chagan and Pakhi also support Chakor and tell Suraj that this time they won’t make any mistake. Suraj gathers some village girls and assures them that they will be safe.

Suraj passes the test after he takes the girls to Imli and Ranvijay. Chakor wants to expose Imli’s crime deeds in front of the villagers. She thinks this is the best chance to ruin Imli’s reputation. Imli organizes the mass marriage. She wants to sell off the girls soon. Suraj is asked to take care of the arrangements.

Imli invites the media and other ministers to show her great move. Chakor, Chagan, Pakhi and Gauri try to record Imli’s truth. Chakor fools Imli by saying that Kasturi has fallen ill. Imli allows them to go inside the haveli and rest. Chakor and her group get happy to record Imli’s conversation with Ranvijay. Imli has blind faith in Suraj after he proves his loyalty once again. Suraj tells her that he will manage everything and would not let her find any reason to worry.

Chakor plays Imli’s confession on the big screen in front of entire media. Imli’s truth gets exposed that she sells off girls by cheating them on the name of marriage. The media learns Imli’s evil and question her about staining the village’s name by her bad doings. They question her humanity and values, about which she boasts always. Imli and Ranvijay get trapped. Imli gets speechless. Chakor sends a letter for Suraj and reveals her entire plan to him. Suraj reads the letter and hides it. Imli gets her hands on the letter and gets close to know Suraj’s truth. SuKor play safe to get Imli and Ranvijay arrested.


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