Vivaan to take a stand for Meera’s dignity in Kaleerein

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Vivaan and Meera get at loggerheads again. He wants her to change completely if she wants to make a mark in her Sangeet. He tells Dolly that Meera needs a makeover. Meera gets against him and just wants to be her true self. Vivaan finds hard to teach her anything. They come closer by the circumstances when they get locked inside the dark storeroom. Their bonding develops and he gets to see Meera’s genuine humble side. Vivaan and Meera support each other. They come back in the cocktail party. Meera doesn’t care for anything. Sumer and his mum start targeting Meera after finding her in an awkward position with Vivaan.

Sumer’s mum insults Meera for being with Vivaan. She speaks bad about Meera’s character. She goes to slap Meera. Vivaan saves her from family’s anger. He doesn’t want Meera to get humiliated.

Vivaan explains them that they got locked in the room by mistake and Meera has helped her deal with his phobia. He gives a good answer to Sumer’s mum. Vivaan doesn’t like to hear anything against Meera and her family. Vivaan takes a stand for Meera, while Sumer just listens to insulting remarks against Meera. Meera feels Vivaan is a nice guy. Her perception towards him changes. She wonders about Sumer’s strange behavior. Meera and Vivaan will fall in love.


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