Imli and Ranvijay’s chapter to end in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Imli and Ranvijay’s chapter is coming to an end. There is high drama in Imli’s haveli. Ranvijay reaches the brides and asks them where are they running by incurring loss for them. He points gun at them and threatens to kill them. Chakor joins the brides and courageously traps Ranvijay to expose him. He asks them to stay away. Chakor tells him that they aren’t scared of death today. They all scare Ranvijay. Ministers and Media reach there. Ranvijay angrily accepts that Imli and he do the business of girls trading. He says this is called business, Imli is a minister, talk about her with respect. He tells them about Imli’s influence. Imli tries to save her name and position. Chakor exposes Imli and Ranvijay.

Imli puts the blame on Ranvijay to get saved. She slaps Ranvijay and tells him that he has done much wrong with the girls. She does a drama that she loved and respected her husband, and didn’t knew his truth. Suraj witnesses this silently. Ranvijay asks her how did she change colors so soon. He slaps her back.

Imli and Ranvijay lose their temper and point guns at each other to shoot. Chakor pushes Imli in time and saves her life. Ranvijay tells Imli that there is enough evidence against her and he will get her punished. He says I have known it, you will back-stab me when time comes, so I have come well prepared, I have collected evidence against you in advance and now this will go to police and media. Imli decides to sacrifice his life to save herself. Imli says you will give statement against me when you stay alive. Ranvijay keeps his image in front of the media. Imli and Ranvijay get threatening each other. Media questions Imli about her crimes. Imli tells them that she is innocent, Ranvijay is the mastermind behind this.

Ranvijay asks her not to break his trust by cheating. He tells everyone that Imli has killed her husband Vivaan and never stayed loyal towards her family. Imli shoots Ranvijay down. Chakor saves Imli for the sake of humanity. Imli and Ranvijay exposed each other’s crimes themselves.

Ranvijay dies by Imli’s hands. Chakor asks Imli why did she shoot Ranvijay, now her greed will ruin her. Imli says no one can hurt me, I will not go jail. She injures Chakor and takes her to use as a shield. Kasturi asks Imli to leave Chakor. Imli asks Kasturi and Bhuvan to make way for her. She tries to escape from police. She has no option than to flee. Suraj saves Chakor’s life. Imli gets arrested. Suraj and Chakor will begin a new journey with a short leap in their story.


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