Pooja to turn into Bela’s savior in Piyaa Albela

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Pooja manages to convince Bela for donating Praveen’s heart. Naren undergoes the heart transplant surgery. He gets saved. Pooja and Supriya tie a Mauli thread to his wrist. They pray for Naren’s safety. Bela visits Naren. She tries to kill him. She hates Praveen. She is angry on something that Praveen did with her before his death. Pooja comes there and Bela gets alert. Bela lies that she was just touching Naren’s feet. Naren gets conscious after Bela touches his feet. Pooja gets a doubt seeing this and asks doctor will Naren get any emotions like that of Praveen, as he got conscious by Bela’s touch.

She asks doctor if Praveen has to say anything to Bela that he wants to connect with her. Doctor tells her that heart is just an organ and it has nothing to do with emotions connect after transplant.

Meanwhile, Bela faces tortures from her in-laws. Praveen’s mum wants to cut Bela’s hair and send her to the widows ashram. Bela asks her not to cut her hair. The women catch Bela and compel her for the rituals. Bela gets captured and screams. Pooja regards Bela as an angel for saving her husband. She stops the women from torturing Bela. She takes Bela to Vyas mansion so that Bela’s life can get matter. Bela finds Naren recovering and gets angered. Naren will be seen getting inclined towards Bela, after Praveen’s heart saves his life. Beila will be posing new problems for Pooja. Keep reading.


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