Anika turns helpless to deceive family in Ishqbaaz


Veer gets threatening Anika about Shivay. He wants to find Soumya at any cost. He doesn’t want to do hard work himself. He asks Anika to find the place to which the key belongs. He asks her to find Soumya on her own, if she wants to see Shivay alive. Anika assures Veer that she will find Soumya and fulfill his plans. She worries for Shivay’s life. Anika goes looking for Soumya. After much struggles, she finds Soumya locked in the kitchen cabinet. She then hands over Soumya to Veer. She gets happy for succeeding to save Shivay. She shares a moment with Shivay.

Pinky and Jhanvi try to keep the guys and girls away till the marriage mahurat. Obros spend some quality time together like always. They feel Rudra is still silly like he was in childhood. The brothers have their lovely conversations going. Shivay suspects Anika to be hiding something again.

Anika tells him that she is cleaning the kitchen. Veer tries to get away with Soumya. Tej and Shakti get busy in the arrangements. Rudra’s marriage day finally arrives. Rudra and Bhavya get decked up for their big day. Anika makes Rudra wear the Pagdi and does her duty. She wishes he gets all the happiness he deserves. Anika doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Bhavya gets emotional after getting much love from the family. She speaks her emotions. Veer wants Anika to swap the brides. She knows Veer’s plotting to get Rudra and Soumya married. She gets emotional while talking to Rudra.

Shivay promises to Bhavya that if Rudra goes away from her, he will get them together and fulfill his responsibility. He asks Bhavya not to think anything negative, Rudra will never leave her, their marriage will surely happen. Anika wants to share Veer’s plan with Shivay. Veer keeps a watch on her. Anika fails to reveal Shivay about Soumya’s escape. Shivay and Omkara give their best wishes and advice to Rudra. Anika and Gauri also lend some advice to Bhavya. Gauri asks Bhavya to take care of the family and responsibilities. Shivay asks Rudra to always trust Bhavya and love her the most. He advises them to stay as best friends and tackle everything well. Veer starts executing his plan of swapping the brides. Anika feels she is being unfair with Bhavya, by agreeing to Veer.


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