Bela to join the Vyas family in Piyaa Albela


Vyas mansion celebrates Naren’s return as if its Diwali for them. Harish showers his affection on Naren. Naren and Pooja have a grahpravesh again. Everyone is happy as Harish has accepted Naren. Pooja gets the family’s permission and gets Bela home. Bela’s entry marks some bad omens. Rahul gets into an argument with the family members for doing injustice with him. He tells Dada ji that its not fair to accept Naren back. Naren feels like a guest in his own house. Rahul and Neelima scold Naren. Rahul argues his rights on his house and office. He asks Naren to shift in guest room if he wants to live with them. He tells them that Naren doesn’t deserve any lavish comforts in their house, as he is not Vyas’ heir. Harish angrily slaps Rahul.

He vents out anger on Rahul for always being Naren’s enemy. Naren feels bad to see the clashes in the family. He doesn’t think of fighting with Rahul like before, as he feels he has no rights to justify now.

Harish shuts Rahul’s mouth. He tells Rahul that Naren is his son and the heir of Vyas mansion, and he will always be their heir. He asks Rahul not to play the illegitimacy taunting game again. Naren hugs Rahul and asks him to shift to his room if he wants. He gives away his room to Rahul and Surbhi. The family politics form a loop again. Pooja gets Bela home to give her a better life. Neelima asks Bela to work as maid in their house. She ill-treats Bela. Bela doesn’t care for any bad behavior. Bela has come there for some purpose. She wants to kill Naren, while he will be getting attracted towards Bela.


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