New entries to rock Arjun and Jia’s lives in Woh Apna Sa


Arjun declares that he will be marrying Jia. He surprises Nisha and shows the two mandaps set. He tells everyone that Jia and he will get married, while Akash and Binny will get married in another mandap at the same time. Nisha gets a shock. Everyone gets happy with his announcement. She tells Arjun that first his marriage will happen and then Binny and Akash’s marriage rituals will begin. Nisha makes a plan to stop the marriage. She calls Arjun’s family home to surprise him.

Arjun and Jia, Akash and Binny sit in the mandaps. They happily go ahead with their marriage rituals. Arjun and Jia take the marriage rounds. Arjun’s wife and mum make an entry there. Arjun’s mum breaks the ghatbandhan of Arjun and Jia. She slaps Arjun. She reveals Arjun is already married. Jia didn’t know about Arjun’s family. There is a big drama in the marriage ceremony. Jia meets Arjun’s wife Rano. Arjun gets speechless in front of Jia. Arjun’s mum tells them that just Arjun’s first marriage will be considered, his second marriage will be void. Jia breaks down. Nisha gets glad with the drama. Binny scolds Akash for cheating her. Binny and Akash don’t get married. She learns Akash has lied to her. Akash leaves Binny in the mandap and goes away. Nisha succeeds to stop both the marriages.


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