A spirit to ruin IshRa’s happy honeymoon in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Big twists to shatter IshRa's bond

Raman reaches London and misses Ishita. He feels his honeymoon is strange as his wife didn’t accompany him. A lady misunderstands him and asks him if he has a relation with someone else. He tells her that he is a straight man and is just missing his wife. He gets to see Ishita and gets overjoyed. He tells her that his wife is now close and now his honeymoon would be lovely. He wants to feel close to himself by being close to Ishita. He feels his love for Ishita. He tells his love story to the lady. Raman calls Ishita and asks her about her whereabouts. She lies to him that she missed the flight. She plans to surprise Raman.

She teases Raman to increase their love. Raman waits for Ishita to come up to himself. Romi and Adi lied to their wives to plan their London trip. They want to attend their friend’s wedding in London. They miss out their wives, but enjoy their freedom.

Ishita calls Raman to cook up a story. She tells Raman that she is missing him a lot. She stays close to him and tries to please him by her surprise. She sights some strange woman and gets scared. A lady enters Bhalla house and meets Mihika. She tells Mihika that she can predict the future and wanted to alert her about Ishita, who is haunted by some evil spirit.

Ruhi asks Mihika not to believe such weird things. She tells Mihika that even Ishita doesn’t believe in such superstitions. She asks Mihika not to have such thinking that instils fear in her. Ishita follows the strange woman to know her. She gets in front of the car. Raman saves her from meeting with an accident. He asks Ishita why did she lie to him. She apologizes as she wanted to surprise him. She tells him about the woman. He tells her that he didn’t see any woman around. He tells her that he was really missing her and now all his wishes are fulfilled on seeing her. They make love vows, while the spirit sticks around to trouble them.


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