Bela plots to draw Naren closer in Piyaa Albela


Bela gets Naren’s attention. She acts to get electrocuted and screams. She falls down the high stool. She faints on the floor. Naren runs to her rescue. He hugs her and asks her if she can hear his voice. Naren lifts her by much difficulty. His wound bleeds. He bears the pain and takes her to room. Bela gets happy seeing his wound getting fresh. She wants Naren to get hurt. She wants to remove Praveen’s heart from Naren’s body. Naren gets drawn to Bela and doesn’t know the reason of his inclination.

Bela knows till Pooja is around, she will be Naren’s shield. She plots to get Naren to her. Naren just tried to help her and Pooja understands him. Bela finds chances to stay close to him. Bela isn’t interested in Naren. She just focusses on her motive. Its all about the heart for her. Bela is indirectly compelling him to bond with her. Bela then acts innocent in front of Pooja. Pooja apologizes to Bela for not being able to look after her needs. Bela recollects her bad childhood and past. Bela’s painful past will be revealed.


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