Dadi to take responsibility of Naira’s treatment in Yeh Rishta…


Suhana does a drama and wants to show how much she loves Aryan. She does a tough Pariknama by walking on her knees. She walks to the lake with her crafted idol and does the Gangaur puja. Aryan believes Suhana really loves him and deserves to marry him. He is very innocent to fall in her trap. Suhana wants Dadi and Goenkas to believe her too.

Dadi gets to hear about Naira’s pregnancy issues, when the doctor shares the matter with Kartik. Dadi can’t believe it. She then stops the doctor and confirms the matter by asking everything all over again. She slips in shock and walks towards the lake. She doesn’t realize she is stepping in the waters. Kartik stops Dadi and asks her what was she doing. The family worriedly takes Dadi with them. Dadi finds hard to handle the truth and faints down. Kartik understands something is bothering Dadi a lot. After going home, Dadi decides to talk to Naira. she gets much unhappy knowing Naira’s pregnancy issues. She tells Kartik that she will be handling the matter from here on. She decides to take charge of Naira’s treatment by meeting her doctor.


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