KaiRa to celebrate Gangaur in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta: Celebrations plus Challenges for Kartik-Naira

Naira and Kartik rush to save their Gangaur idol. They both put in efforts. Kartik compliments Naira on seeing her look stunning in her special outfit. Dadi talks to the doctor and asks her to meet at the lakeside where they will be performing puja. Kirti messages Devyaani. Naksh meets her and asks her to have the halwa, as the family doesn’t want her to keep the fast. Kirti feels bad to misunderstand her in-laws again. Naksh tells her that the family has sent him to take good care of her. Dadi too feels guilty. Suhana talks to Suwarna and informs about her fast for Aryan. Suwarna invites her for the puja. Naira and Kartik prepare to celebrate the puja with their families.

Naksh and Kirti too perform the special puja. Kartik finds the idol cracking. He alarms Naira about it. The family worries for the bad omen. Kartik and Naira tie the mauli and fix the idol. The women perform the prayers at the lakeside, while celebrating in their usual style.

Doctor meets Naira and Kirti for a talk. Naira sees the doctor talking with Dadi. Dadi talks to her about Kirti. Naira alerts Kartik about the doctor. They don’t want the doctor to reveal anything to Dadi. They look for the doctor and try to take her aside. Suhana shocks everyone by performing a tough ritual for Aryan’s sake. She aims to impress Goenka family so that they accept her as Aryan’s life partner. Suhana acts sweet and friendly. Suwarna likes Aryan’s choice. Naira asks the doctor if she told anything to Dadi. Doctor tells them that she didn’t say anything, but they should reveal the issues to the family soon. Kartik tells doctor that he is supporting Naira. Doctor tells him that Naira’s conceiving chances are less. Dadi gets to hear this coincidentally and receives a big shock. Dadi turns upset with them for hiding such an important thing from her.


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