Rahul breaks free from Namrata’s evil control in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Thakur wonders how did Namrata know his plans. Gauri tells him that Latika is innocent, as they didn’t share their plans with Latika till now. Aghori Baba takes the shivlings to secure them and puts them in a lorry, being unaware that other shivlings are also in the same truck. Namrata looks for the shivlings. Aghori Badri hides from her. The shivlings get together and form a circle. The villagers come to senses by the shivlings’ power. Thakur thinks if Namrata is learning their plans by some other. He then suspects Namrata. He finds a ring with him, which can have a spy mic in it. Latika checks it. Thakur finds a way to mislead Namrata. He makes a plan to trick Namrata.

Namrata catches hold of Badri and scolds him for learning her truth. She tells him that she has to kill him now as he knows everything which he shouldn’t have known. He is happy that she won’t get the shivling again. He tells her that he won’t come in her words now. Latika and Thakur lie about Gauri’s dream so that Namrata gets trapped.

Thakur wants Namrata to pay for her crimes. Namrata captures Badri to know about the shivlings. She instructs Rahul to torture Badri and know about the shivlings. She asks him to kill Badri if he fails to reveal any info. Badri tries to break Namrata’s influence on Rahul. He puts his spiritual beads in Rahul’s neck to make him come back to senses. Rahul gets free of Namrata’s control. He lets Badri free. Badri tells him about Namrata, who is the mastermind behind all the crimes. Rahul doesn’t believe him. Badri tells him that Namrata has done many murders to get her hands on shivlings. Badri asks him to know the truth himself. He asks him not to break Rudraksh beads. He convinces Rahul to play a drama with Namrata and see her real face on his own. Rahul feels shattered by the truth.


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