Sahil to prove his immense love for Vedika in Aapke Aa Jane Se


Sahil refuses to accept Nidhi as his wife. When Badi Amma prepares Sahil and Nidhi’s grahpravesh, she didn’t imagine what can Sahil do. She welcomes Nidha home and says you will be called Mrs. Sahil Agarwal. Sahil shows his madness. Sahil says Nidhi won’t be called my wife, as my wife is someone else. He gets Vedika’s effigy along and plans his Grah pravesh with her. He gets the dummy wrapped in bridal attire. He reveals to them that he has married Vedika finally. He says I have just considered you as my wife by taking rounds around the pure fire. He vows to love her till his death.

Vedika asks Sahil what’s this childish behavior, he has to accept that he has married Nidhi, and Nidhi is his wife. Sahil tells Vedika that he has performed all the marriage rituals while thinking of her. He gets his Grahpravesh done himself.

The family finds hard to control him. He can’t deal with Vedika’s rejection. He wants to show that Vedika can’t be replaced in his life. He is not able to accept her cheat. He tells Vedika that he just loves her and nothing can force him to change his decision. He shoos off Nidhi. His obsessed behavior brings new tension in the family. Vedika also clears her decision that she will never marry Sahil. She sticks to her decision as she wanted to make Sahil’s life better. Sahil refuses to understand her point and perception. They both have a clash of opinions.


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