Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to celebrate love in London

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita catches the late night flight and reaches London to surprise Raman. She talks to him over phone and lies that she is at home. Raman tells her that he is missing her a lot. He finds their connection strong that he is feeling her presence around. She hides from him and pulls his leg. Raman then spots her and gets happy by the wonderful surprise. Ishita and Raman sing Hindi love songs on the streets of London. They enjoy on their much deserving vacation. Raman and Ishita’s romance will be seen.

Raman thanks her for coming and making his honeymoon trip successful. He gifts her a ring. He promises to never let her get away from him, till he is alive. He makes her wear the ring with much love. Someone follows them to the yacht. Ishita promises him that she will love him forever. They have sweet moments. A spirit follows Ishita to ruin her life. Mihika gets warned about the evil spirit haunting Ishita and breaking havoc in their lives. She worries for Ishita.


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