Goenkas to face a new trouble in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: A heavy blow for Goenka family

The women perform the Gangaur puja, while Dadi gets in shock after learning Naira’s pregnancy issues. She walks into the lake, which shocks the family. Dadi goes lost in deep thoughts. Kartik sees Dadi when some people tell him about the elderly lady going towards the lake. Kartik saves Dadi and asks her what is she doing. Dadi keeps the matter to herself as she didn’t wish to spoil everyone’s happiness. Suwarna tries to know what is bothering Dadi. Suhana does her part of drama to take advantage of the sensitive situation. Kartik and Naira worry for Dadi.

Suhana wonders if Dadi knows her truth. Rahul asks her not to worry, as no one can know about them. He feels the matter is something else. Manish tells the family that maybe Dadi got upset on seeing Suhana. Aryan tells them that Suwarna has invited Suhana for the puja. Everyone tries to know the matter. Dadi locks herself in the room and cries. She gets moved with the thought that Kartik will never have his children. She wants Kartik to have his child.

Kartik and Naira try to talk out to Dadi. Naira asks Dadi to open the door, else she will break the door. Kartik asks her not to try such things. Naira tells him that they have to be sure that Dadi is fine inside. Naksh asks Kirti not to take any stress. Dadi meets everyone and decides to break her silence. She performs the rituals with Kirti and Naksh. She asks Naksh to take Kirti home. She doesn’t want Kirti to face any stress. Kirti asks Dadi if she is upset with them. Dadi asks her to just think that she is doing this for her betterment.

Naira tells Kartik that they have to know what’s in Dadi’s heart, so that they can help her. Naira and Naitik go for a morning walk. Naira tells him about Dadi’s worries. He talks to her about her childhood. He tells her that she will understand parents better when she gets her own children. Naira gets upset. She wants to keep courage. She then finds Dadi outside a hospital. She worries to know what is Dadi hiding. Dadi then confronts Naira about her conceiving issues.


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