Huge twists to rock Rudra’s marriage ceremony in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Rudra's evil plan and a new entry next

Anika tries hard to tell Shivay that Soumya is sitting in the mandap instead Bhavya. Veer gets trusting her further. He tells her that now he believes she isn’t Anika, as she has swapped the brides and fulfilled his plan. He says if she was Anika for real, she would have never done this injustice with Rudra and Bhavya. He asks her to keep Shivay engaged and not let him know their plans. Tia wants to tell Shivay about Soumya, but Shwetlana stops her. She threatens Tia about Robin and her child. She asks Tia not to lie or act smart. Tia gets helpless to stay silent. Anika tries hard to communicate with Shivay. She writes the message in her mehendi design and tries to tell Shivay about it.

Shivay tells her that he has many things to do, he is too busy. Omkara asks Anika is everything is fine. Shivay makes a leave to see arrangements. Anika fails to tell anything as Veer constantly stays with her. The marriage ceremony goes on well. Anika wishes to go anything to swap Soumya back.

Shivay gets assuring that Rudra and Bhavya are in their places and marriage ceremony is going on fine. Shivay wants to get them married by ruining all the odds. Veer worries by the power outage and meets Soumya to know if Oberois played any game again. He sees Soumya’s face and gets happy that his plan is on its track. Shivay and Veer have a talk. Shivay hides his planning from Veer. Anika interrupts them to convey the message. She tells Shivay that she will stop the marriage. Shivay asks her not to do anything, as they have to defeat Veer and Soumya. He doesn’t listen to her about the bride.

She asks him to understand and stop Rudra’s marriage. Shivay doesn’t listen to her at all. Anika then reveals to Shivay that she has swapped the brides on Veer’s command. She gets too late to tell him. The marriage rituals get completed. The pandit announces Rudra and Soumya as husband and wife. The family blesses the couple. Shwetlana makes a rocking entry to reveal the bride’s identity to Oberois. She tells them that she is from bride’s side, as Soumya is her sister. She tells them that Soumya has got married to Rudra. The family receives a big shock knowing about the bride swapping. Shwetlana tells them that Soumya will take revenge from them for the Kalyani Mills fire incident.

She reveals that Tia and Soumya are her sisters, who wanted to take revenge from them. Shwetlana gets happy to show them the bride’s face by unveiling her. The family gets moved on seeing Soumya in bride’s place. Everyone gets angry on the marriage which happened by their cheat. They refuse to accept the marriage. Soumya gets overjoyed to become Rudra’s wife. Shivay asks Omkara to not oppose the marriage, as its already done. Shwetlana tells them that they can’t deny to accept the marriage. She feels she has won today. She tells Shivay that he got defeated now and he will see his failure every time when he sees Soumya in the house.

Anika feels guilty that Rudra’s life got ruined because of her. She apologizes to the family. Shwetlana tries to dominate Shivay. She gets reminding them her old connections in the family. Shivay lets Shwetlana rejoice on her over smartness. Shwetlana gets insulting the family in her usual style. She promises to show them their bad days again. Shivay stays cool to undo Shwetlana’s planning. Shivay tells Shwetlana that her wish won’t be fulfilled. Shivay promises to ruin her plans. He will then reveal his super planning, that would shock Soumya, Veer and Shwetlana the most.


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