Imli to target Suraj-Chakor’s happiness in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Chakor and Suraj celebrate their daughter Saanvi’s Annaprashan/grain-initiation ceremony. The entire family celebrates the ceremony with the villagers. Tejaswini welcomes Kasturi and Bhuvan. Everyone gets lovely gifts for the baby. Chakor hugs Kasturi. Bhuvan compliments that Saanvi is like Chakor, who looks like flying in a second. Kasturi makes Saanvi wear the anklets so that they can know baby’s whereabouts when she roams in the house. Tejaswini makes the baby wear gold bangles. Everyone blesses the baby and have positivity around. Suraj dances with the baby. He asks Chakor not to have any fear.

Chakor doesn’t like to get away from Saanvi. Kasturi says I will manage Saanvi, go and welcome the guests. Chakor says I will take Saanvi along. Tejaswini says its unfair, you don’t let me and Kasturi play with the baby, we also want to love our grandchild.

Chagan and Gauri gift a pretty dress to Saanvi. Chakor finds the dress costly. Gauri tells Chakor that she has designed the dress. Chakor likes the dress a lot and compliments Gauri for her talents. She suggests Suraj that they can start clothes designing by using their silk factory output, this can help Gauri and the girls who have such talents. She says we can employ many people and make it a profitable venture for entire village. Suraj likes her idea and assures to implement it. Imli will be returning to ruin Suraj and Chakor’s happiness.


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