Ishita gets troubled by frightening sights in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi and Romi get troubled by some man. They get busy in their planning to meet their friend. Ishita and Raman spend some time together. They make love vows and enjoy their moments. They don’t see Adi and Romi in London. Ishita promises to be with Raman always and love him the same way. Raman feels lucky to have his beautiful wife with him. They celebrate their moments. She likes his wonderful surprise. Raman feels they really deserved this moments in their lives. He confesses love to her. He tells her that even though he doesn’t remember their marriage and relation, he really loves her and will try his best to keep her happy.

He makes promises to look after her and children forever. He wants to give her a safe and protected life. They have a lovely moment. Ishita gets scared by spotting a strange woman. She gets frightened by the sight. She wonders if the woman is any spirit. She asks the woman why is she after her.

The spirit talks to her and stares at her. Ishita runs to Raman for help. He consoles her and tells her that this was his prank. He thinks she has seen someone and got scared. He lies to her so that she stays in peace. They go for sight seeing. Ishita is happy that their love foundation is so strong. The spirit spoils their moments. Ishita asks the woman why is she chasing her. Raman doesn’t see the woman. Ishita tells Raman that someone is following her and she is seeing that woman everywhere. Ishita feels she shouldn’t make Raman worried, as her fear will spoil Raman’s happiness. She thinks Simmi has sent the woman after them to ruin their honeymoon.


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