Laado 2: Shaurya to make an entry in Anushka’s life


Dadi reminds Anushka how she used to dance in childhood. Anushka forgets the past and dances to keep Dadi’s heart. Anushka’s dance cheers Dadi. The new family is happy to have Anushka with them. They have a motive to keep Anushka as Juhi. Anushka doesn’t know that everyone is tolerating her for getting Juhi’s property. Even Rantej and Malhari are trying to find Anushka’s dead body, assuming her to be dead, so that they can claim Balwant’s property, that’s named on Yuvraaj. Rantej doesn’t know Anushka is living at his lawyer’s house. He calls his lawyer to share his plans for win the case.

When the lawyer doesn’t answer the call, Rantej decides to visit him at his house. Rantej gets close to find out Anushka’s truth that she is living with a different identity. His lawyer doesn’t know the girl living in his house as Juhi is Yuvraaj’s wife Anushka. Dadi tells Anushka that she has got a surprise for her today. Anushka waits for the surprise. Shaurya comes to attend Mata ki chowki on Dadi’s invitation. When he sees Juhi for the first time after so many years, he hugs her. Anushka gets taken aback by his hug and wonders who is he. Dadi introduces Anushka to Juhi’s best friend Shaurya. Shaurya loved Juhi a lot. He will be falling for Anushka.


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