Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi’s questions to hurt KaiRa


Dadi reacts angrily knowing Naira’s pregnancy issues. She locks herself in the room. The family asks Dadi to talk to them and reveal the problem. Dadi calls Singhanias home. Devyaani worries thinking if anything went wrong in Goenka house. Kartik supports Naira which angers Dadi further. Dadi tells Naira that she has learnt the truth which she has hidden from everyone. Dadi reveals the matter in front of Naira’s family too. She feels cheated that Kartik and Naira have hidden the matter. She tells Naira that this matter is something that they have a right to know.

Dadi questions Naira in front of everyone. She tells everyone that Naira has hidden her conceiving issues from them. She asks Naira the motive to hide the matter, if she thought they will never know of it. Naira gets hurt when Dadi asks this in front of everyone. She thought to tell Dadi in private and explain her.

Kartik too gets hurt, but understands Dadi’s stand as she was the one who had wished for his child the most. Naira gets yelling on Dadi to express her pain which the family doesn’t understand ever. Naira asks Dadi does she think that Kartik and she aren’t in pain or happy with the news. She tells Dadi that Kartik and she are very much sad, but they didn’t lose courage. She asks Dadi to let Kartik and her handle the matter with their hopes and courage. She is hopeful of conceiving a child. Dadi wants to take an important relation about Naira’s treatment. What will Dadi decide? Keep reading.


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