Bela attempts to kill Naren in Piyaa Albela


Bela makes a poisonous betel for Naren. She plans to kill him to stop Praveen’s heart from beating. She hates Naren because of Praveen. Naren collides with Bela. She hands over the betel to him. Bela takes Praveen’s name, which angers Naren. He throws the betel leaf. Bela apologizes to him. Pooja comes there and takes away Naren with her. Pooja saves Naren’s life unknowingly. Naren helps Pooja in kitchen work. She asks him what is he doing here. He tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her. Naren and Pooja’s love will win over Bela’s hatred. They have a sweet moment of love. Bela gets angry and carves Naren’s name on the wooden platform. She promises to not leave Naren. Bela starts making a coffin for Naren.

Bela loses her senses and gets lost in cutting the wood. She tells Naren that she won’t let Praveen’s heart live in him, so Naren has to die. Bela talks to some wooden idols. She sheds tears. Pooja happens to come there and sees Bela. Bela covers up the coffin. Pooja sees Bela’s art and asks her to make a career in wood carving. Pooja feels Bela is very much sad and its all because of their family. She decides to support Bela.

Naren gets attracted towards Bela. He goes to buy a betel from a shop. He imagines Bela instead the vendor and doesn’t understand why he is seeing Bela everywhere. Bela tries to win his sympathy and get close to Naren, just to take his life. Naren gets concerned for Bela. Meanwhile, Rahul creates a scene and points a finger at Pooja. Naren takes a stand for Pooja. He asks Rahul not to drag Pooja in his matters. Rahul tells Naren that Pooja is herself getting in between for gaining a place in politics. Naren and Rahul have an argument.


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