Kartik and Naira to seek family’s support in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Shocking: A depressing phase for KaiRa

Naira gets curious to know why Dadi went to the hospital. Devyaani informs Naitik that Dadi invited them home. Naitik tells Naira that they have to go to Goenka house. Naira gets worried to know what is Dadi going to discuss. Dadi apologizes to everyone that she is helpless to discuss something important that she shouldn’t. She confronts Naira for hiding about her pregnancy issues from them. Naira accepts the matter. She tells everyone that she was hiding the issues so that their happiness didn’t get ruined. She justifies the reason for hiding the problem from them. She apologizes to Dadi and understands that Dadi has a dream to see Kartik’s child since long.

She asks Dadi the reason for bringing the matter in front of everyone in this way. She feels hurt by Dadi’s decision. The family worries for Naira. Naira tells them that they didn’t leave hopes and expects the same from them. Singhanias wonder if Dadi is planning something to trouble Naira. Naksh gets angry knowing Dadi is upto something again.

Dadi realizes her mistake and apologizes to Naira. She asks Naira to forgive her by trusting her good intentions once. Naira and Dadi patch up. Dadi accepts that she has orthodox thinking and its tough for her to change. Dadi hugs Kartik and Naira. The family gets emotional. Manish consoles Dadi. He gets happy the way she has handled the matter in a strong way. Dadi cries out her pain alone. Suwarna gets upset that Naira couldn’t share the matter with her. Naitik also feels Naira should have told him about her problems. He feels sorry that his illness made his daughter away from him.

Everyone gives hopes to Naira that Lord will soon bless her with a child. Naira is sure that the problem will end soon. Kartik likes her positivity. Naksh and Kirti learn the matter and worry for Naira. Naksh is sure that Kartik will always stand by Naira. He tells Kirti that they shouldn’t hurt Kartik and Naira by their excitement of having a child. The family supports Naira in her meditation so that she stays happy. Kartik takes an appointment at the clinic and decides to meet the doctor without informing Naira.


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