Naamkarann: Avni falls in dilemma after Saisha’s future


Kamini meets Avni and gives KK’s alliance for Saisha. Avni doesn’t get any happiness by the proposal. She wants Saisha’s life to be on right track. She clears to them that she is not interested to get Saisha married at such a young age. She tells them that Saisha doesn’t know KK well. Kamini tells her that this is important as the affair news is spreading. Avni tells them that KK and Saisha got kidnapped together coincidentally. Kamini tells her that Saisha loves KK and maybe she didn’t reveal it to her till now. Avni asks her not to overreact. Kamini assures to make Saisha’s career in singing industry. KK’s parents tell Avni that they will support Saisha and shape her successful career.

Samrat gets enraged when Kamini speaks against Saisha. She asks Avni to let the engagement happen so that the rumors spread out can end. KK tells Avni that he loves Saisha and even she loves him. Avni calls him wrong. They ask Avni to ask Saisha once and they will agree with Saisha’s decision. She gives Avni some time to think over and reply them.

Neil plans to leave and go far from everyone. Prakash demands him to say the reason. Shweta tells Neil that he is running away because he couldn’t cover up KK and Saisha’s affair. Neil asks her not to say anything bad about Saisha. Shweta overreacts on Saisha’s matter. He tells her that Saisha isn’t characterless, she is their Mishti. Neil reveals to them that Avni is alive. They receive a big shock. Saisha rebels again and asks Avni to accept KK’s proposal. She tells Avni that she really loves KK. Avni understands its infatuation. She asks Saisha to take time and know her feelings well. She is sure that Saisha isn’t in love. Prakash gets happy that Avni is alive, while Shweta gets angry on Avni’s huge lie which ruined Neil’s life. Saisha cries and shuts herself in the room, to put pressure on Avni.

She threatens to kill herself if Avni doesn’t accept her relation with KK. KK tells Kamini that Saisha isn’t using him for fame, its not any game plan, Saisha is really good. Kamini feels Avni is intentionally playing the drama to reject the proposal. She wants to convince Avni for engagement. She doesn’t want KK’s image to get spoiled. She just plans a fake engagement and then kick out Saisha from KK’s life. Avni loses her cool when Saisha gets crazy. She breaks the door and yells on Saisha. Shweta packs Avni’s memories. She doesn’t want to treasure any memories again. Shweta feels Avni has done much injustice with Neil. Avni reprimands Saisha for not valuing her life. Saisha asks her to meet KK once for her sake. Avni agrees for her sake. Shweta burns Avni’s memories and declares that she will never accept Avni. Neil stops Shweta and exhibits his love for Avni in front of them.


  1. whole story about saisha & kk… where is avneil..?? Every one want to see the avneil track.. not kk & saisha’s track..


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