Rahul continues to trick Namrata in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Namrata gets angry that she doesn’t have any shivlings. Seth ji calls her and asks her to get shivlings to him within two days. He tells her that she will be killed if she fails to fulfill the task. Rahul stops Yashpal on the way in an attempt to free Thakur and Gauri. Thakur feels Rahul is still in control of Namrata. He doesn’t want Rahul to harm them again. Lakhan tries to wake up Yashpal. Gauri asks Rahul to come to his senses and trust their innocence. Rahul reveals to them that he knows the truth well. He apologizes to Thakur. Gauri gets happy that Rahul got fine.

Rahul has always misunderstood Thakur. He feels sorry and tells them that he has witnessed Namrata’s truth. He embraces Gauri with love. Rahul and Latika bring the truth out in front of Yashpal. They prove to Yashpal that Namrata is the real mastermind behind this shivlings theft. Yashpal believes Rahul. He lets Thakur free.

Rahul tells Gauri that Badri has saved him from Namrata’s clutches. He thanks Gauri for all her belief and love. Yashpal asks Rahul to continue the drama in front of Namrata to help them catch her. Namrata compels the driver and asks him to take her to Seth ji. Yashpal spies on Namrata. He asks inspector to catch Namrata red-handed. Yashpal learns Namrata has killed many people and has kept villagers captive. Namrata succeeds to flee. She asks her men to not let the villagers run away. Minty manages to get a phone from the goons to make a call to Rahul.

Lakhan gets impressed with Latika for saving their lives. Yashpal apologizes to Thakur for slapping him. He tells him that now they will fool Namrata in her own plan. Thakur feels cursed to have a daughter like Namrata. Yashpal wants to reach Seth ji, who is using Namrata for shivlings’ search. He tells his planning to Rahul. Namrata searches for Rahul. Gauri convinces Rahul to win Namrata’s confidence. Rahul meets Namrata. She plans to use him as a weapon in her battle. He starts hating her knowing she is Indra’s murderer.


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