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Kartik and Naira have an argument. She loses courage and worries for doctor’s opinion. Kartik explains her that they have to keep hope. Naira learns that a male doctor will be doing the treatment. She tells Kartik that her doctor has gone to London and she doesn’t want the male doctor to treat her. He tells her that he won’t tell this to family. He wants to support her in every decision. When she comes home, she gets surprised seeing Naitik.

Woh Apna Sa:

Jia gets tortured by Arjun’s mum Ambika. Ambika just has sympathy for Rano. She gets angry on Jia for getting close to Arjun. She asks Arjun to fill sindoor in Rano’s maang. Arjun does so. Jia gets upset. Ambika says Arjun’s wife will be the one who passes her tests. She wants Rano and Jia to compete and prove who is most suitable for Arjun. She is giving fair chance to them. She wants Rano to win. Jia asks Ambika not to conclude anything so soon. Jia is ready to do anything to get Arjun. She learns Rano’s true face and challenges her to win Arjun from her.

Piyaa Albela:

Bela makes a poisonous betel for Naren. She plans to kill him to stop Praveen’s heart from beating. She hates Naren because of Praveen. Naren collides with Bela. She hands over the betel to him. Bela takes Praveen’s name, which angers Naren. He throws the betel leaf. Bela apologizes to him. Pooja comes there and takes away Naren with her. Pooja saves Naren’s life unknowingly. They have a sweet moment of love. Bela gets angry and carves Naren’s name on the wooden platform. She promises to not leave Naren. Bela starts making a coffin for Naren.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and Pragya’s romance will be seen. Pragya tells him that she was always in love with him, and will always love him till the last moment of her life. Abhi and Pragya confess love to each other. Shockingly, Abhi gets arrested. Pragya promises to always support him and set things fine.


There comes a big twist in the show, where Shivay manages to fail Veer, Soumya and Shwetlana by his smart move by groom swapping. Anika didn’t know Shivay was alerted by seeing her message in the mehendi design. Shivay acts timely and defeats Veer by planning the groom swapping by ploying a power outage. Shivay will be removing the groom’s Sehra and revealing the groom to Shwetlana. Shivay will prove that Oberois can never be defeated. Soumya will be super shocked seeing the groom.

Vivaan and Meera have sweet moments. They sing and dance. Meera tries to impress him. She gets close to him and tries to get a picture clicked with him. Meera gets drunk and does a filmi act on Kheench meri photo song. He wonders what happened to Meera that she lost her mind. She makes him dance along with her. He tries to make her away. He understands something is wrong that Meera is acting cute. There will be big twists in Meera’s sangeet.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni likes her life. She is back to cheerful self. She says I got much bored and asks Chandu to cut an apple for her. She pulls Parth’s cheeks and calls him cute. She praises his looks. Parth gets a coconut for her and feeds her the water. Teni asks him to put all food expenses in the medical expenses, which Shorvori will be paying. She can do anything for money. Teni assumes Parth to be a driver, who works for Shorvori. She asks him will he tell Shorvori that she is spending money on herself. Parth asks her not to worry, he won’t tell anyone.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti is having tough time to arrange money. A man meets her at cafe and tells her about some singing opportunity. Pankti doesn’t know the agent was sent by JD to trap her. She tries to arrange bail amount without telling Ahaan. She knows Ahaan and his parents are already facing the troubles because of JD. Pankti turns up at the restaurant to sing, but finds the place inappropriate for her. She decides to sing to earn money and bail out Anita. She hides her problems from Ahaan, so that he doesn’t worry more. JD uses this against them to create misunderstandings.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Kakusa gives tips to Ratan to get rid of Diya. He asks Ratan to act like a drug addict and make Diya hate him. Ratan starts making Diya hate him. Kakusa tells him that he should make a drug packet by filling flour in it. Ratan prepares a fake drug packet. Kakusa asks him to now show Diya that he can’t live without drugs. Diya finds the packet. Ratan snatches the packet from him. Kakusa adds fuel in the fire and tells Diya that the packet is very important for Ratan. Ratan gets angry on Diya when the packet gets torn. The flour falls on the ground. Ratan asks her to stay away, she doesn’t know anything, its important for him. He picks up the flour and tells Diya that he is not a little kid to answer her. He leaves after doing the drama. Kakusa checks the flour and tells Diya that its like drug. Diya gets a shock. She doesn’t hate Ratan and thinks to end Ratan’s drug addiction.


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