Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan and Pankti’s struggling journey to begin


Pankti is having tough time to arrange money. A man meets her at cafe and tells her about some singing opportunity. Pankti doesn’t know the agent was sent by JD to trap her. She tries to arrange bail amount without telling Ahaan. She knows Ahaan and his parents are already facing the troubles because of JD. Pankti turns up at the restaurant to sing, but finds the place inappropriate for her. She decides to sing to earn money and bail out Anita. She hides her problems from Ahaan, so that he doesn’t worry more. JD uses this against them to create misunderstandings.

Pankti and Ahaan’s love will be tested. JD tries to make Ahaan against Pankti. Ahaan’s belief and understanding would be seen. Ahaan wants Pankti to take help from him, but she wants to be independent. Pankti then finds Poorva at the place, working as a waitress. She feels bad. Poorva too sees Pankti present there. She tries to hide so that Pankti doesn’t get hurt.

The manager gives a short dress to Pankti, asking her to perform wearing that. Pankti and Poorva struggle for their mum. JD makes things tougher for them. Ahaan goes for recording. He has a contract going on. He wants Pankti to get good chances in her career. He then learns about Pankti performing at the bar. Ahaan gets angry on Pankti for not sharing the problems and handling everything alone. Her behavior upsets him a lot. Ahaan and Pankti’s emotional track will bring big twists.


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