Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to confront the evil spirit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures

Ishita thinks the woman is planted by Simmi to ruin their honeymoon. She tells Raman that there won’t be any use to go to police station as she hasn’t seen the woman’s face well. She doesn’t want Raman’s happiness to get spoiled. Mihika stays worried for Ishita. She gets a bad dream about Ishita. She fears for Ishita’s life, who is chased by some evil spirit. Romi finds a real tattoo made on Adi’s back and tells Adi about it. Adi tells him that he doesn’t know about it. He wonders how did this happen. Shagun and Mani have a talk. Shagun then gets reminded about a felicitation program in London. Shagun plans a London trip for attending the program. Mani gets happy for Shagun. He asks her to go, as he can’t accompany her. He gets stuck in work. Shagun gets preparing for her trip and plans a surprise for Mani as well.

Raman and Ishita go for shopping. Mihika meets the fortune teller and tries to know about Ishita. The lady alerts her about the spirit, who is meeting Ishita constantly. She asks Mihika to alert Ishita about the spirit. Ishita meets the spirit again and scolds her for ruining her happiness on Simmi’s orders.

She assures to help her if she is in any real problem. Ishita consumes the water given by her. The spirit disappears. Ishita gets terrified and still thinks Simmi is plotting everything against her. Adi and Romi get a pleasant surprise when they meet Roshni in London. She tells them that she is working as a tourist guide. Romi wishes her all the best for her new life. Roshni tells them that she will be with them and take them for a city tour. Romi gets a call from the person who exchanged their bags. The man asks Romi about stealing his diamonds. Romi finds him crazy.

He tells the man that he has no idea about it. Roshni assures to help them. Ishita scolds Simmi for ruining her happiness again. Simmi tells her that she didn’t plan anything against Raman and her. Ishita doesn’t believe her. Mihika calls Ishita to inform her about the spirit following her. She fails to talk to Ishita. Aaliya learns Adi is in London. She gets angry on his big lie. Mihika realizes even Romi lied to her. Shagun suggests them to come along with her, as she is also heading to London. Mihika tells them that she has to stay back to look after Pihu. Simmi and Parmeet try to know who is the person troubling Raman and Ishita in London.


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