Piyaa Albela: Bela’s presence to initiate a love triangle


Naren has become the heir of Vyas mansion again. Harish has accepted him by all his heart. Naren gets back to his old form. Naren attends a board meeting. He sees the presentation. He then starts getting restless thinking of Bela. He behaves weird in the board meeting. He sits on the table and starts acting like Praveen. The staff gets shocked seeing Naren’s weird behavior. Naren spots Bela in office and goes to her. She tells him that she is not coming after him, he is coming after her. He is not able to understand what’s happening to him, that he is getting attracted to Bela. He imagines Bela and talks to her. He also wants Bela to stay away from him, but his heart isn’t in his control.

Naren doesn’t want to work in office. He sings Bhojpuri songs and eats betel leaves like Praveen. Pooja comes to office to meet Naren. He gets agitated and goes from there. He is not able to explain anything to Pooja. He is worried and angry when he recalls his weird behavior.

He wonders what’s drawing him to Bela and bringing such changes in him. Pooja doesn’t know Naren’s life is in anger because of Bela. She argues with Neelima. She helps Bela and makes her rid of widow clothes. She gifts a red saree to Bela. Rahul and Neelima oppose Bela. Naren and Pooja get into an argument to defend Bela. Bela gets dressed in the red saree and wears back all her adornments. Pooja compliments her and asks Bela to start her new life. Naren starts feeling love for Bela. He restricts his thoughts.

Naren expresses his love for Pooja. He doesn’t know its Bela in Pooja’s get up. He gets trapped in Bela’s evil game. Bela hates Naren. Pooja finds Naren and Bela together. She gets a huge shock. She wonders what’s happening. Bela gets angered when Naren holds her hand. She controls her hatred. Naren then sees Bela and scolds her for wearing Pooja’s saree. He asks Bela to go home and change the saree. Pooja asks Bela what was she doing with Naren. Bela sheds tears and apologizes to Pooja. Pooja falls in her drama and forgives her. Naren wants to just love Pooja. He tries controlling his heart which started beating for Bela. Naren vents out anger by throwing things around. Pooja calms him down and shows her belief in him. Will Pooja realize Bela’s evil intentions? Keep reading.


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