Shivika to fail Shwetlana’s fatal move in Ishqbaaz


Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage gets completed secretly conducted by Shivay and Omkara. Shivay asks Shwetlana to accept her defeat and get ready for her arrest. Shwetlana doesn’t give up her stance in the battle. Shwetlana then scares the family by her threatening. She vows to kill the Oberoi family. Shwetlana plants bomb at the mansion. She tells Shivay that she didn’t learn to accept defeat ever in her life. She doesn’t want to let Oberois enjoy their happiness and victory. Shwetlana tells them that she will kill them if they are getting undefeatable. She challenges Shivay to save his family from the fatal danger if he can. Shivay finds the family and guests panicking.

Soumya also wants revenge from Obros for cheating her. Shwetlana gets crazy to stoop to another level. Shivay and Anika manage to fail Shwetlana’s dirty plans. The Oberoi family welcome Rudra and Bhavya as a couple. They carry out the Grahpravesh. Pinky tells them that Dadi would have been much happy seeing this.

Rudra hurries to get entry home and spend time with his wife. Pinky asks him to have some patience, as its Bhavya’s big day. Pinky and Jhanvi do Dadi’s part and guide Bhavya through the rituals. Anika and Gauri get Bhavya inside the house, showering love and best wishes on her. The family feels complete after Rudra’s bride joins them. Bhavya cries happily on getting such a good family. Oberois have an emotional moment. They have failed the enemies by showing their family unity. Rudra and Bhavya thank the family for their forever support.


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