Soumya to self-test her love in Shakti

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

Soumya will be giving a love test. She wants to get back Harman. She is fighting with problems alone, as Harman is not supporting her. She lights a diya of hope. She still believes that Harman loves her. She prays for getting Harman back. She swears to leave Harman once she feels Harman doesn’t love her. She doesn’t want to trouble Harman by forcing their relationship on him. She tells Mata Rani that she has felt the power of true love because of Harman and today she wants to test the strength of love by keeping the diya in the stormy winds.

Soumya takes the diya near the window. The diya doesn’t blow off by the winds. Soumya tells Mata Rani that even the storm couldn’t put off her diya, it means her love is true and this has given her new hopes.

Harman returns home with Jasleen. Harman finds the diya and thinks of Soumya. He gets angry and puts off the diya. Jasleen explains him that its a bad omen to put off a lighting diya, one shouldn’t call darkness for someone else’s mistake. She asks him to light up the diya. Harman lights the diya. Preeto and Soumya see Harman lighting the diya and get glad. Preeto encourages Soumya. She asks Soumya not to lose hopes, Harman will surely accept her. Jasleen is supporting Harman so that he doesn’t feel lonely in the family battle. Jasleen wants Harman to be happy.


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