Aapke Aa Jane Se: Nidhi brings a twist in Sahil-Vedika’s tale


Sahil feels bad that Vedika cheated him. She had promised to marry him and made him marry someone else. He is trying hard to make her confess that she also loves him. Sahil sings Dil kya kare and stops Vedika from getting far from him. Vedika too loves him, but doesn’t confess love to him. Vedika tells him that she doesn’t love him. She stops Sahil’s craze. Sahil wants to change her denial into approval. He doesn’t give up. He wants to keep trying till he gets desired result of winning Vedika’s heart.

Sahil is sure that his love is true and one day he will also win Vedika’s love. He first tries to win her attention. He goes to kitchen to make an egg omelet. Vedika stops him and tells him that they don’t make eggs or non-veg food in their house. Sahil and Vedika have a cute argument. Vedika scolds him. She makes him dump the eggs.

Badi Amma gets a lawyer there. He asks her why does she always come to spoil the fun. He doesn’t welcome Badi Amma. She reminds Sahil that his legal wife is Nidhi. She gets Nidhi there and asks Sahil to return home. Sahil tells them that he belongs to just Vedika. Sahil just wants to be with Vedika, no matter what happens. Badi Amma tells him that Nidhi is his wife and will stay with her, wherever he stays.


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