Chakor to encourage Gauri’s talents in Udaan

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Chakor wants Gauri and other women to break their slavery-minded thinking and fight for their independence. Chakor wants Gauri’s talents to reach people. She asks Gauri to live free and not care for Chagan. She stands against the old customs and thinking. She raises her voice to supported her talented villagers. She tells Gauri that the clients liked the art work and decided to keep her art exhibition. She says many people will be coming and acknowledging your work. She asks Gauri to participate in the art exhibition so that they all can get inspired from her.

She asks Gauri to have fun in Mumbai. Gauri gets scared of Chagan. Chakor asks her to break all bounds, Chagan will let her go only if she tries. She tells her that their thinking is at fault, traditions can’t stop them from achieving dreams. She asks her to do something that changes Chagan’s thinking. Chakor and Kasturi help Gauri. Chagan gets annoyed seeing this. Suraj and Chakor try their best to explain Chagan. Chagan doesn’t understand anything and asks them not to interfere in his personal life.


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