Shambu to mislead Thakur and Gauri in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Namrata tells Rahul that they will be going far from everyone and have a lovely life. Seth ji calls her up and threatens of killing her if she fails to find Shivling for her. Namrata feels tensed. Seth ji gives her an ultimatum and tells her that he will expose her in Rahul’s eyes too. She asks Rahul will he always love her. Rahul lies to her to fool her. She aims to kill Seth ji. Shambu and Rudra rescue the villagers. Minty asks them to let her go to Preeto. Shambu allows her. Latika tells Thakur about Shambu. She reveals that Shambu had taken the shivlings from her.

Thakur knows Shambu will show them the right path. He decides to meet Shambu. Thakur follows Shambu to meet him. Shambu drops Minty to Preeti. The villagers get a new hope seeing Shambu. Shambu locks them up again. Rahul informs Yashpal that Namrata doesn’t want to find shivling now and wants to settle with him, but Seth ji is threatening her. Yashpal tells Rahul that Seth ji has killed many people.

The truck driver files a complaint against Shambu and Rudra. Lakhan tries to follow Shambu and Rudra. They fail to meet him. Gauri gets a message from Shambu. She wonders what Lord wants to convey her. Shambu and Rudra mislead Thakur. Namrata fails to find the shivlings. She stays worried for herself and Rahul. Minty connects to Namrata. Rahul gets worried for Minty and Preeti. Namrata doesn’t understand how Rahul knows his family if he is in their control. Narendra decides to take help from police. Namrata doubts on Rahul’s truth. She questions him about identifying his family. Rahul’s truth gets known to her. The hunt for shivlings begin. Namrata gets info about the shivlings.


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