Soumya to revive Harman’s love in Shakti

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Soumya wants to revive her love in Harman’s heart. She gets 24 hours time from Harman. She challenges him to resist his love if he can. He agrees to give her one day time to try anything she wants. She has to prove her love to Harman. Soumya shows her care to Harman. She tells him that she doesn’t want to waste any time. Harman asks her why did she tie his hands. Soumya tells him that she did this so that he can have tea. She feeds him the tea. She doesn’t want Harman to go away. Soumya tries to keep Jasleen away, so that Harman and Jasleen don’t go out together.

Harman asks Jasleen to leave them alone. Soumya apologizes to Jasleen. She says I have less time and have to convince Harman by clearing the misunderstandings. Soumya has made Harman commit that he will spend 24 hours with her. She wants Harman to be just with her.

Jasleen feels this is wrong, as Harman doesn’t want to do this by his heart. Harman has committed to Soumya and asks Jasleen not to worry, he will manage everything. Jasleen wants to help Harman. She sees Harman resisting and feels bad. She still keeps quiet on his saying. Soumya knows how to keep Harman with her. She wants to end Harman’s hatred and win his love once again. She is hopeful that her love will succeed against all odds.


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