Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to get clued about the spirit


Ishita gets possessed by the spirit. She gets stay from Roshni. She asks her to keep Mata Rani’s locket away from her. Raman asks Ishita to calm down. Roshni joins the family and goes to live with them in the castle. Bhavna warns Mihika about Ishita, slipping in dense danger. Mihika asks her the matter. Bhavna insists her to alert Ishita. Mihika fails to connect to Ishita. She leaves a message for Ishita. The family reaches the castle and knows about its history. Ishita believes that some spirits are also residing in the castle. She takes a tour of the castle along with everyone. Everyone likes to live in the luxurious castle.

Raman tells them that they can find about the spirits presence by using a planchette. Ishita asks Raman to find the spirits soon. Raman asks Shagun to participate and know if there is really around around. They get to know about a spirit. The spirit warns them about Ishita. Raman fools them and tells them that he was moving the coin to mock Ishita’s fears.

Ishita then gets to see the strange girl inside her room. She shouts to Raman for help. She asks Raman to open the door, as a girl is inside her room. Ishita then gets clues about the girl, who had committed suicide in London some years ago. Ishita realizes she is meeting a spirit every now and then. Ishita gets terrified by the realization. She tells Raman that she has met the same girl again. She shows Raman about the girl’s photo as seen in the newspaper post.

Raman doesn’t believe Ishita, as she fails to prove herself. Ishita tells Raman that she isn’t imagining anything, she is seeing the girl everywhere. Shagun gets worried for Ishita. She tells Raman that she knows that girl and heard about her suicide case too. She asks Raman not to deny Ishita’s words, as she won’t make any story without any reason. Raman doesn’t understand what to believe. Ishita gets caught by the girl. Raman tries hard to cheer up Ishita and make their time memorable. Ishita stays in fear since she finds herself in complete control of the spirit.


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