Aapke Aa Jane Se: Varun and Devika join Sahil-Devika for a dance competition

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Finally Sahil-Vedika have a union

Varun visits Kanpur to participate in the dance competition so that he can win the prize money. Sahil and Varun are good friends. Varun left a letter for Devika and mentioned that he is going Kanpur for his important work. He wants to give the prize reward to his mum. He tells Sahil that he needs money. Sahil gives the good news that he got married. Varun asks Sahil why didn’t he invite him in marriage. Sahil explains that the situation was such that marriage happened hastily. He doesn’t reveal anything about Nidhi, since he believes Vedika is his wife. Sahil tells Varun that its a couple competition, and Varun can’t perform Solo.

Varun gets upset as he has come too far just for winning the competition and prize money. Sahil learns his financial needs. Sahil offers him prize money and asks Varun to not participate in the dance competition. Sahil assures his help. Varun thanks him, but doesn’t want to accept money without participation.

Sahil tells him that Vedika and Sahil will be participating as a couple, but he didn’t succeed to convince Vedika till now. Sahil introduces Vedika as his wife. Varun congratulates them for marriage. Devika also follows Varun and comes there. She wants to participate with Varun. Varun gets surprised seeing Devika. She also meets Sahil and Vedika. Devika tells Varun that she will participate in the couple dance competition. Varun gets hopeful to win the contest.


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