Ishqbaaz: Roop to unveil the Kalyani mills’ secret


Oberois welcome their new daughter-in-law Bhavya home. Rudra and Bhavya’s grah-pravesh ceremony gets completed with everyone’s blessings. Rudra gets eager to spend time with Bhavya. He asks the family to finish the rituals soon. Jhanvi sends Bhavya for her Mu-dikhai ceremony. Rudra feels responsible and grown up after his marriage. The brothers pamper and scold him like before. Rudra’s silliness continues. Roop wants to ruin their happiness. She sees Obros’ happiness and gets raging to break them apart. She connects to Veer to inform him about Shivay.

Rudra accompanies Bhavya for her Mu-dikhai ceremony. Shivay gets glad that everything went well. He is grateful to Anika that she didn’t let Rudra and Bhavya’s lives get ruined. He then worries about Veer, who can do anything to take revenge. He gets cautious to protect his family from Veer. Shivay asks Anika not to put herself in any danger. She is relieved as long as Shivay is with her. Shivay decides to find Veer at any cost.

Roop tells Veer that she wants to ruin Oberois, than giving them an easy death. Veer tells her that its tough for him to break the Oberois. She tells him that Kalyanis mills secret can ease things for them. She is sure that Shivika will break up with the truth coming out. Veer asks her if she is aware of the secret. He wants to know the secret so that he can shatter the family from its roots. Shivay stays alarmed. He thinks of the mills secret. Elders wish Shivay never knows the secret. Roop tells Veer that she knows the secret of the mills as she was also present there. Omkara and Gauri tease Rudra and Bhavya, while dropping them to their room. Shivay stays tensed thinking about the hidden enemies. He knows Veer just left from their house, not their lives. Anika asks Shivay not to stay tensed all the time. She tries to relieve his tensions.

Roop tells Veer that she is also an Oberoi and is well-aware of all the secrets. Roop reveals that she was the one who had ignited the fire in the mills. Veer can’t believe she has done such a crime and blamed the Oberois. She tells him that Oberois knew about her mistake to fall in love with someone, and compelled her to leave the family. Roop reveals to Veer about his illegitimate birth. She had faced the family’s wrath. Roop had set the mills on fire to settle scores with the family for disowning her. She reveals to Veer how she had heard Tej planning to set the mills on fire to cover up their losses. Tej and Mr. Kapoor had a partnership and mutually decided to burn the mills. Shakti didn’t agree to Tej and called off the plan, but they didn’t know Roop would do such a drastic thing. Roop took revenge from the family so that Tej and Shakti get trapped in the case. She regrets that her plan flopped because of Mr. Kapoor. Shivay gets hunting about the mills secret.


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