Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: A shocker to come Namrata’s way


Namrata’s plan to get the shivlings fail. She doubts on Rahul when he identifies Minty. He then lies to her that he doesn’t know anyone. Narendra calls Namrata and tells her about the shivlings loaded in the truck, in which they all are captive. Namrata gets happy to get a big clue about the shivlings. Narendra gives her the location. He tells her that Shambu and Rudra are taking them somewhere. She assures him that she will reach them. She instructs Rahul to get the shivlings from Rudra. Seth ji sends his men to find shivlings. He doesn’t want to depend on Namrata now.

Narendra and other villagers manage to escape from Shambu and Rudra. They don’t know that Shambu and Rudra have intentionally released them. Namrata learns that all her captives have escaped. She gets angered. She loses track of villagers. Namrata and Rahul try to reach the villagers. Rahul does his best to do the drama. Rahul sees Preeti and Minty. Namrata questions him about them. Rahul acts to be still in her spell. She meets the villagers. She gets angry on them for losing the shivlings. The villagers see Namrata’s true face. They learn Namrata is the evil person who is chasing the shivlings. Namrata slaps Soumya and scolds her.

Everyone witnesses her madness. Rahul tells Preeti that Rahul is hypnotized and he will just do what she tells him. She instructs Rahul to prove his love and kill the villagers. She gives him a knife and commands him to murder them. She asks him to start with Preeti. Rahul tries to save them, without falling in Namrata’s suspicion. Namrata sends Rahul with the villagers and keeps Minty with her. She feels Rahul is not in her control and puts a transmitter in his pocket to know if he is lying to her. Rahul threatens the villagers. Narendra scolds Rahul for kidnapping him. Rahul wins Namrata’s trust by not revealing his true intentions. Namrata accepts her crimes in front of everyone.

Namrata asks Rahul to kill Pujari so that they can surprise Gauri. Rahul slaps Pujari ji on Namrata’s saying. Preeti gets scared of Rahul. Namrata laughs on their devotion. Namrata takes advantage of Rahul and stays confident to win. Namrata receives a big shock when Rahul turns the table around on.

Yashpal tells Rahul that Namrata is not the mastermind, the real culprit is someone else and is just using Namrata for his motives. Yashpal arrests Namrata, while Seth ji plans an attack on him to free his aide Namrata. Rahul receives a big shock when the real truth comes out. Rahul, Namrata and Gauri receive a big shock when they come face to face with Seth ji. The show is heading towards a closure. The climax will be too thrilling.


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