Naamkarann: Kamini urges Nilanjana to accept truth


Neil timely expresses his annoyance towards Avni. He asks her not to use Saisha or any emotional link to connect to him again. He asks Avni to stay away from him. He doesn’t want to forgive her. He holds her responsible for all his sufferings. Avni tries to convince him that she has taken the step for the family’s sake. He refuses to forget her big lie. He doesn’t want to keep any bond with her. He just stays around to help Saisha. He asks Saisha to come along for shopping. Saisha worries for her engagement dress. Avni gets her dresses which could help sort Saisha’s outfit problems.

Neil and Avni recollect their past. Saisha decides an outfit. Neil finds tough to deal with her memories. It gets more painful for him to see Avni in front of him. Kamini prepares for KK’s engagement. She learns Nilanjana is not Saisha’s mom. She finds out about Saisha’s background. She learns Saisha is an orphan, who is raised by Nilanjana. She gets angered on Saisha’s big lie.

Neil tells the lawyer that Avni’s existence truth will come out, so they better need to be prepared for Vidyut’s release. Neil gets busy in protecting Avni from Vidyut. Sunehri helps Neil and gives him proper clothes for the occasion. He finds the kurta button torn. Avni offers him help. Neil recollects their moments and sheds tears. He refuses to take her help. He asks her to leave him alone as she has left him ten years ago. He breaks out his hatred on her again. Avni turns upset. She feels guilty to give much pain to Neil. Avni and Neil bless Saisha and wish her for her big day. Kamini plans to create a storm in the engagement ceremony. She welcomes Nilanjana and Saisha. Avni finds media around and asks Kamini about inviting the media. Avni gets scared that her existence will be known to the world. Neil and Avni romance as part of Avni’s dream. Avni fears to lose Neil. KK and Saisha perform in the engagement. Kamini asks Avni to perform the rituals. She wants Avni to accept Saisha’s lie. Avni tells Kamini that Saisha is not her daughter. Kamini then targets Saisha in front of KK. Saisha’s dreams break by Avni’s truth revelation. Kamini finds a chance to cancel the alliance.


  1. Nice to see you together back I hope you both sort out your problem and seen happy with each other as perfect couple avneil I hope so


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