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Piyaa Albela:
Pooja goes to check the fuse box after a power outage. Pooja gets a high voltage shock. Bela saves Pooja’s house, when Pooja gets electrocuted. Harish worries for Pooja. He informs Naren about Pooja. Naren reaches there and finds both Pooja and Bela unconscious. He runs to Bela first and gets her conscious. Harish finds Naren’s behavior weird. He asks Naren to lift Pooja and take her to the room. Naren takes care of Pooja. He fears to lose Pooja and cries. Pooja gets conscious and gets happy to have his support. She wipes Naren’s tears. They have an emotional moment.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Vibhuti gets a back sprain. He can’t tolerate the pain. The doctor gives him a magical herbal oil and advises him to try it for relief. Tiwari gets a chance to spend time with Anita. He gets happy with Vibhuti’s illness.


Neil and Avni’s distance didn’t end. Avni tries to apologize. Neil recollects their old memories. He asks Avni to stay away from him. He doesn’t take her help. She tells him that she can stitch the kurta button. He asks her not to expect anything positive, nothing can get fine between them. He asks her to leave from his life. Avni sheds tears of sorrow.

Laado 2: Anushka gets troubled by Shaurya. He thinks she is Juhi and loves her. He is constantly after her. Anushka asks him to stay away. He reminds her their childhood friendship. She is frustrated as she is not Juhi and is bearing Shaurya. Shaurya asks her why is she not recollecting anything. He reminds how she left him and made him wait for many years. Shaurya is Juhi’s intense lover.


Veer learns Shivay and Anika have a proof against him. He reaches Oberoi mansion to find the pendrive. Anika sees Veer and tries to alert Shivay. Veer asks her to call out Shivay like always. He threatens her. He gets angry as Anika has cheated him by acting as his crime partner Rosie Rani. He feels much fooled by Shivika. He gets more revengeful. Veer catches hold of Anika. She shouts to Shivay for help. Veer suffocates her and admits all his crimes. Anika records his crime confession and current attack in a camcorder. She tells Veer that this was her plan to trap him.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni goes to the dance bar to perform and make money. Teni threatens the dancers and asks them to vacate the stage for her. Teni performs in the bar. Parth doesn’t want Teni to fall in any trouble. Parth reaches the bar and asks her not to dance. She doesn’t listen to him. She has lost her memories. She doesn’t remember her relation with Parth. A guy teases Teni. Parth gets angry and beats the man. The guy attacks Parth. Teni then rescues Parth’s life. Teni and Parth run away from there. Parth doesn’t want Teni to return to her old self. He wants a respectable life for her. Teni falls for Parth after listening to his sweet words.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul is trying hard to save Vijay from the murder charges. She reaches the Ram Leela rehearsals. She asks the actors about voice imitators. She makes a plan to find the culprit. Bulbul wants to prove Anant’s conspiracy.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara tries hard to keep Suyash and Falguni distant. Falguni learns her motives clearly. She doesn’t reveal anything to Suyash, knowing his extreme belief in his mother. Falguni asks Uttara how long will she play such games to fulfill her motives. She tells Uttara that she can’t come up with ideas every day to keep Suyash busy in work. Falguni helps Suyash by fixing a broken shirt button. They have a moment. Uttara witnesses their together and worries that all their misunderstandings got cleared. Uttara realizes she has to do something concrete to end the problem from its root.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Siddhi pours the water in havan kund to blow it off. Manjiri tells her that this is a really bad omen. She slaps Siddhi. She reprimands her for playing with Vin’s life, knowing the marriage is utmost necessary to secure his life. Siddhi stops Vin’s marriage by taking an extreme step, which upsets Manjiri and Shankar a lot. Siddhi tries to explain why she has created an obstacle the marriage rituals. Manjiri kicks out Siddhi from the house. She worries that Vin and Vaibhavi’s marriage couldn’t get completed, when just the last round was about to end. Siddhi warns them against Vaibhavi’s kundli dosh and selfish intentions behind marrying Vin. No one listens to Siddhi since Vaibhavi lies to them about Siddhi’s intentions of marrying Vin. Siddhi then gets Guru ji home, who certainly tells Manjiri about Vaibhavi’s kundli dosh. Manjiri repents for her mistake and calls off the marriage for Vin’s betterment.

Suraj and Chakor look after their happy family. Suraj gives a surprise to Chakor. Their dream of a peaceful family got fulfilled. Chakor tells him that she is not able to pacify the baby. She asks Suraj for help. Suraj lights the candles. He tells her that he has cut the power so that he can give her a surprise. He sings a lovely song and dances with Chakor. They romance. Suraj tells Chakor that he won’t go Mumbai for the business meeting alone. He wants Chakor and Saanvi to accompany him. Chakor gets happy by the good news. She tells Suraj that its tough for her to live without him.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Varun visits Kanpur to participate in the dance competition so that he can win the prize money. Sahil and Varun are good friends. Varun left a letter for Devika and mentioned that he is going Kanpur for his important work. He wants to give the prize reward to his mum. He tells Sahil that he needs money. Sahil gives the good news that he got married. Varun asks Sahil why didn’t he invite him in marriage. Sahil explains that the situation was such that marriage happened hastily. He doesn’t reveal anything about Nidhi, since he believes Vedika is his wife. Sahil tells Varun that its a couple competition, and Varun can’t perform Solo.


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