Udaan: Imli plots a comeback to ruin SuKor

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Chakor is making a new start to empower the village women. She wants the women to find courage in themselves. She wants the women to match steps with their husbands. The women feel Chakor isn’t right totally. Chakor tries to explain them that its their right to live their life their way. Chakor says no one can stop us from taking a flight, we have to step out of the houses and create a niche for ourselves. Suraj also supports Chakor and tells them that they have to stay united.

Chagan sees Gauri sleeping. He doesn’t want her to go Mumbai to exhibit her art. He spoils all the work pieces prepared by Gauri. After she wakes up, she finds all her preparations ruined. She worries and informs Chakor about it. Chakor encourages her to create something fresh.

Chakor tells her that she will also accompany her to Mumbai. Kasturi does Chakor and Gauri’s aarti and wishes them all the best. Suraj secures Chakor and Gauri. He asks Chagan not to discourage Gauri. He opposes Chagan’s sick mentality to ruin Gauri’s hard work. Elsewhere, Imli steals the money from the ashram temple. She plans to use the money in her planning to ruin Suraj and Chakor. Imli conspires to return to Aazaadgunj and create a havoc. How will SuKor handle Imli’s new evil? Keep reading.


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